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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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We are excited to announce that AOP 21.1 is now available for download at!

This is a *free update* for all of our users, cloud and on-premises (with a valid maintenance contract). You can view the full release notes here.


  • New AOP Modal Plug-in: Integrating AOP into your applications has never been easier! The AOP Modal plug-in makes it simple to download and schedule reports by giving power to the end-users and allows them to download and schedule Classic Reports, Interactive Reports, and Interactive Grids in the format and look and feel they want. But, the end-users don’t get to have all the fun - the AOP Modal can even be used by developers for custom reports that may not necessarily be displayed on the screen using hidden classic reports.
  • New Sample Application: To showcase the power of our new AOP Modal plug-in, we've created the AOP Download & Subscription Manager application. Get inspired on ways to use the new plug-in, manage report schedules, custom templates, and monitor usage of the AOP Modal plug-in. The application is included when you download AOP and you can view an online version here.

  • Export Multiple Regions Without a Template: Our popular AOP Report feature has been improved! You can now export multiple reports in a single document using only the Print Attributes of your regions - no template needed!

  • HTML in Excel: The {_html} tag has been added for Excel so that you can now export your HTML contents!

  • Page Items Included by Default: No more workarounds for adding page items to your reports! Now, if you use a region as the source or your report, the page items within that region are taken into account automatically and can be referenced in your template using {P1_X} syntax.

  • Enhancements, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements & an Updated Sample App: For the complete list, see the release notes.

We continue to strive to make APEX Office Print the best and most integrated printing and exporting solution for the Oracle Database and Oracle APEX and we hope our new AOP Modal plug-in takes this one step further. Making it even easier for you and your projects to be successful while using AOP.

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The AOP Team

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