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Thursday, August 17, 2023

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We are happy to announce that APEX Office Print (AOP) 23.1 is available for download at apexofficeprint.com!

This version is a free update for all users, cloud and on-premises (with current maintenance and support). You can view the full release notes here.

v23.1 Highlights

Performance: Our server component has been overhauled and is now more perfomant, reliable, and secure than ever. Memory optimization is lightning fast, making even large requests more performant.

Stability Enhancements: Get more insight into what's happening on your server through the AOP WebEditor. Stop long-running requests with the option to kill active requests and even specify memory and time limits per request.

Templating Features: Make templating even easier by using sub-templates in headers and footers in Word documents. Sub-templates can now be more dynamic by including images and comments. Plus, hide rows and columns in Excel templates and even use cell validations.

Advanced PDF Features: Accomplish more with your PDF documents! You can now add attachments and barcodes to PDF files, and extracting existing attachments from a PDF is a breeze.

Enhancements, Bug Fixes & Updated Sample Apps: For the complete list, see the release notes.

This year, we've worked towards our goal of strengthening and solidifying AOP, and this release is the fruit of our labor. We hope you love it! 

Until next time, 

The AOP Team

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