APEX Project Eye (APE) 21.1 is now available!

Monday, March 15, 2021

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We are excited to announce that APEX Project Eye (APE) 21.1 is now available for download at apexprojecteye.com!

This is a *free update* for both Professional and Free Personal-Use licenses. You can view the full release notes here.


  • Documentation Generation: We have made some fantastic improvements to our documentation feature. APE now supports document generation and printing on the fly for PL/SQL code, commented using PLDOC commenting format. Docmentation generation is powered by APEX Office Print (AOP) making it simple to customize your documention template to get your docs in the format you want. A new sample package has been included to demonstrate all of the supported features.
  • User Management & Debugging: A new users tab has been added to the application dashboard. This feature provides insight into end users using your applications and allows you to remotely debug sessions, manage user data, and even reset passwords.
  • Insight into Invalid Objects: New reports have been added that allow you to quickly and easily identify database objects that have become invalid and recompile them directly from APE.
  • Enhancements, Bug Fixes, & Performance Improvements: For the complete list, see the release notes.


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