Enhance Your APEX Development Workflow with APE's Live QA Assistant

Monday, May 13, 2024

Are you tired of overlooking critical quality assurance checks during the development phase of your APEX applications? Introducing APE's Live QA Assistant, a powerful feature designed to streamline your QA process and ensure your applications meet the highest quality standards.


What is APE's Live QA Assistant?

APE's Live QA Assistant is a feature specifically crafted to run quality assurance assessments during the runtime of your APEX applications. It allows developers to validate their applications against predefined quality standards directly within the development environment.


Why Use This Feature?

In any project, adhering to a set of predefined rules is crucial to maintaining consistency and reliability across the application. With APE's Live QA Assistant, developers can seamlessly enforce these rules, ensuring that each aspect of the application meets the specified quality standards.

APE ships with two pre-configured Quality Standards, which developers can easily download and import into their workspace, simplifying the setup process.


How to Utilize This Feature?

Using APE's Live QA Assistant is straightforward. Developers can choose to run a specific Quality Standard on each page of the APEX runtime. Upon page load, the assistant will automatically highlight any violated rules, providing immediate feedback to the developer.


From the highlighted region, developers can mark specific rules as exceptions for the page, effectively excluding them from validation. Alternatively, developers can directly address and fix the identified issues, ensuring the application meets the desired quality criteria. Once all issues on the page are resolved or added to the exception list, the assistant region will no longer be displayed, signaling that the page meets the required quality standards.


Additionally, developers have the flexibility to disable the Live QA Assistant for the current session, which can be useful during presentations or demos. However, upon starting a new session, the assistant will automatically resume, encouraging developers to address any outstanding issues promptly.


Demo of the Live QA Assistant

 I’ve prepared a small demo, which will make it all crystal clear:



How to Activate

 Please watch my 3-minute instruction video on setting up the Live QA Assistant.



APE's Live QA Assistant is a valuable tool for developers to streamline their quality assurance process and efficiently deliver high-quality APEX applications. By integrating this feature into your development workflow, you can ensure that your applications meet the highest standards of quality and reliability from inception to deployment. So why wait? Start leveraging the power of APE's Live QA Assistant today and elevate your APEX development experience to new heights.

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