FlowForms - Create Dynamic Forms in Oracle APEX

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Plug-ins Pro FlowForms is a plug-in that allows your users to build their own forms with dynamic items. Whether it's creating surveys, questionnaires, or any other type of form, this plug-in provides a seamless and intuitive form-building experience. Leveraging APEX-like page designer syntax, our FlowForms plug-in makes form creation accessible to users with various levels of technical expertise.

You can expect the following from FlowForms:

  1. Form Builder Tool: The heart of FlowForms lies in its user-friendly form builder tool. This tool enables end-users to craft forms effortlessly by providing input types close to APEX page items, more advanced inputs, and even fully custom-made ones. The form builder offers a comprehensive array of input options, from simple text fields to complex date pickers, select lists, checkboxes, and more.
  2. APEX-Like Page Designer Syntax: Recognizing APEX developers' familiarity and comfort with the platform's page designer syntax, FlowForms adopts a similar syntax. This ensures a smooth transition for developers and enhances collaboration between end-users and the development team.
  3. Dynamic Form Generation: FlowForms enables users to dynamically generate forms based on their unique needs. FlowForms allows users to see the changes in real-time by visually representing the form structure, fostering a more interactive and iterative creation process.
  4. Powerful Display Conditions: FlowForms provides a custom-made language, closely resembling English, to display certain fields based on a condition you provide. You can implement simple or complex display conditions on your inputs and even integrate APEX page items in your conditions.
  5. Context-Aware Forms: You can provide FlowForms with a context to use in your display conditions. This can be used to make the form aware of the users’ data and make certain fields visible only when they have authorization.
  6. Seamless Integration with Oracle APEX: Plug-ins Pro FlowForms seamlessly integrates with Oracle APEX, ensuring that the forms created using the plug-in can be effortlessly incorporated into existing applications. This integration maintains the consistency and coherence of the overall user experience within the APEX environment.

By putting the ability to create forms directly into the hands of end-users, the plug-in enhances the efficiency of form creation and promotes collaboration between business users and developers. With its intuitive form builder, diverse input types, APEX-like syntax, and seamless integration, Plug-ins Pro FlowForms is set to redefine how forms are crafted and maintained in Oracle APEX applications. Embrace the future of dynamic form creation with FlowForms and unlock a new level of flexibility in your Oracle APEX development journey.

Try FlowForms for yourself in our online Sample Application.


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