Improve User Experience and Increase Accuracy with Automatic Constraint Validation Pro

Monday, November 20, 2023

In 2023, high-speed internet and real-time digital interactions are the norm. Yet, web applications often lag behind in providing immediate feedback due to technical limitations. Automatic Constraint Validation Pro is an Oracle APEX plug-in that addresses this issue by enabling automatic instant database constraint validation in data entry forms.

Here are the key features of Automatic Constraint Validation Pro:

1. Safe to Use: The plug-in has built-in security features to protect your data.

It is safe because constraint definitions from the database schema are the single source of truth. Not handwritten code in client-side or APEX validations that can fail because of unexpected conditions or because they are out of sync with the schema.  It also ensures safety by only using public APIs from Oracle to invoke the instant validation with the server side and produce messages at the erroneous data fields.

2. Flexible Configuration: You can customize the validation process to suit your needs.

It is flexible in the configuration because it can be invoked in general for the whole app or specifically for a page or region.

3. Validation Process: The plug-in validates all constraints in real time, reducing coding efforts and the need for extensive testing.

The validation program executes a predetermined plan that transports the required parameters and performs the task with small statements derived from the constraint definitions.

4. Interactive Grid: The plug-in is compatible with interactive grids, allowing users to identify and correct data entry errors quickly.

The plug-in is compatible with interactive grids because it can show errors in Report and Record views. For constraints that involve multiple fields, all affected fields are highlighted.

5. Validation Flow:  Our APEX plug-in follows a well-defined validation flow, ensuring that all constraints are validated in the correct order, eliminating the need for manual validation, and ensuring that all constraints are properly enforced.

6. Translations: The plug-in supports multiple languages, providing a localized experience for your users. 

The plug-in supports messages in all common languages. It informs foreign users about the formatting conventions of dates and numbers. 

7. PL/SQL Library: The plug-in includes a PL/SQL library for easy integration into your existing workflow.

8. Validations Listing: This feature provides an overview of all potential errors on the current web page, helping you understand potential issues in a specific form context.

There are also many benefits to end users, programmers, and support teams.

Benefits to End Users: By applying this plug-in to your project, you can ensure that all data-related problems are resolved before the end user saves a form or grid. This avoids the unpleasant experience of having to scroll back through larger forms, search for problems, and retry in a loop until the application finally accepts the form.

Benefits to Programmers: The significant amount of time spent implementing, testing, and debugging client-side validations in both JavaScript and as APEX validations can be saved. Implementing proper client-side validations can be cumbersome but is often unavoidable if you want to deliver convenient and modern apps.

Benefits to Support Teams: The number of support cases needed to explain unexpected cryptic error messages to your end users will be reduced, and the number of successful transactions with your happy customers will be increased.

Investing in Automatic Constraint Validation Pro is not just an expense; it’s an investment in efficiency, user satisfaction, and peace of mind. With the potential to reduce support cases, improve user experience, and save development time, this plug-in offers value far exceeding its cost. Make the smart choice for your business, and join us in creating a more efficient digital world.  Visit for more details, or check out the online demo at

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