New Plug-in: Item Option Manager Pro

Thursday, July 27, 2023

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We are excited to announce another excellent APEX plug-in is now available at - Item Option Manager Pro!

Item Option Manager Pro is used for efficiently manipulating and controlling options within Select Lists, Radio Groups, and Checkbox Groups in APEX applications. It allows developers to dynamically enable, disable, hide, or show specific options based on various conditions or events. The plug-in eliminates the need for manual JavaScript coding and offers a user-friendly, declarative approach to option management. With Item Option Manager Pro, developers can save time, customize option behavior, and enhance the user experience within their APEX applications.

As with all our plug-ins, we've provided an in-depth sample application and detailed documentation to get you started.

Try Item Option Manager Pro today with a FREE Trial, or add it to your APEX toolkit by purchasing a Plug-ins Pro license or subscription at