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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

United Codes

Greetings from United Codes!

Before we get into all the exciting news from the past few months, I want to take a moment to explain who we as United Codes are and why you are receiving this email.  

Until recently, our company was known as APEX R&D, you are probably familiar with one of our Oracle APEX related products, such as APEX Office Print or APEX Media Extension. APEX R&D has been rebranded to United Codes, but don't worry, only our look has changed! We are still the same great team you trust and rely on to bring you innovative products and services, and that will continue to remain the same. As we move forward, the United Codes brand will unify all of our products and services under a shared mission of uniting ideas with solutions through code. Through our consulting and development services, we are visioneering solutions to make business processes easier, more efficient, and more cost effective. Through our products and tools we are empowering people to bring ideas and data to life. And through our actions as both a team and as individuals, we aim to share our knowledge and give back to our community. To read more about our new brand and see what we have to offer, visit united-codes.com.

You are receiving this email because you have created an account with us and have opted to receive email notifications from one of our products, most likely APEX Office Print. In the process of rebranding, we have increased the number of email preference options that are available to you. You can log in to the United Codes portal or any of our specific product portals and adjust your account settings to your preference at any time. Your existing APEX R&D product account can be used to log in to any United Codes portal, so no new accounts to worry about. In the future, you can expect between 2 to 4 United Codes newsletters per year and any product specific announcements that you subscribe to will occur as new releases or news regarding those products happens.

Now on to the exciting news... 

Our New Look

With the rebranding of our company to United Codes, we took the opportunity to give our existing products, APEX Office Print and APEX Media Extension, a little facelift, to not only modernize our look, but unify our brand.

APEX Office Print

APEX Media Extension

You can check out the complete transformation by visiting apexofficeprint.com and apexmediaextension.com. And, while you are there, be sure to pick up our latest releases of AOP and AME. We hope you like it!

Our New Products

APEX Project Eye

APEX Project Eye

In May, we debuted APEX Project Eye or APE. APE is changing the way you look at your Oracle APEX applications. It's an automatic documentation generation tool, quality assurance assistant, application monitor, and development aid all-in-one. The Live Insight feature turns APE into your second screen - bringing you real-time insight into your application as you develop. It combines interactive, drill-down page summaries, graphical page flow diagrams, database object dependency information, and session tracing, making it easy to see how an application is built, what it depends on, who is using it and how.

We recently released APE version 20.1.2, which now includes Session Replay. Sessions can be replayed visually on the Session Flow diagrams for easy debugging. And, the best part is that APEX Project Eye is available for FREE for personal use! To learn more and to download your free copy, visit apexprojecteye.com and check out the apex.world video interview between Juergen Schuster and our Founder, Dimitri Gielis. Dimitri also wrote an excellent article on APE on his blog.

Plug-ins Pro

Plug-ins Pro

Earlier this week, we launched our newest service, Plug-ins Pro. Plug-ins Pro provides professional, native, fully supported Oracle APEX plug-ins that make it easy to extend your applications with extra functionality. To start things off, we have three great plug-ins:

  • Client-side Validation Pro: Give users instant feedback that values are entered correctly or if errors occurred, without writing a single line of code. Client-side Validation Pro will execute the validations defined in the processing section, on request. No more duplicating code to give users instant feedback! 
  • IG Checkbox Pro: A highly customizable checkbox item in your Interactive Grid. It can have up to three states: Null value, selected value, and unselected value. The appearance can be a normal HTML checkbox or any Font APEX icon. 
  • IG Download File Pro: Provide a highly customizable download link in your Interactive Grid. Users can not only download a file, but can also preview certain file types or setup custom menu items for the file.

These plug-ins are just the beginning. We are already working on a few more (Nested Reports Pro, Interactive JET Charts Pro, and more) and would love to hear what plug-ins you want to have next. To request a plug-in, vote on submitted plug-ins or to just learn more about our service, visit plug-ins-pro.com. And, through September 16th, we're offering an Early Adopter Special Offer - if you are thinking about using Plug-ins Pro, now is the time! Lock in the super-low, special rate and get access to ALL of our plug-ins before the offer comes to an end!

Have a great day!

The United Codes Team

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Jackie McIlroy

Director of Product & Client Services

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