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Monday, February 6, 2023

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The wait is finally over!

APEX Office Edit is the first and only fully integrated Office document editor for Oracle APEX. Create, edit, share and collaborate on Office documents (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) directly in your browser without leaving your APEX application. And, to make it even better, you don't need a costly Microsoft Office license!

  • Single Source of Truth: With APEX Office Edit, you can create & save documents directly in your database or the cloud from your APEX application, maintaining a single source of truth. Documents no longer have to be downloaded and edited outside your application and reuploaded after changes have been made.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Do multiple users need to update the same document? No problem! APEX Office Edit provides seamless collaboration. Users can see that another user is editing the document and exactly what changes the other users are making.
  • Automatic Version Control: Easily track changes made to documents in your database and revert to older versions if necessary.
  • The Ultimate AOP Editor: On top of all this, APEX Office Edit is the ultimate companion to APEX Office Print (AOP)! Managing AOP templates has never been easier. Store your templates in the database and edit them from within your application. Not only can you create and edit templates, but with APEX Office Edit, you can display your AOP-generated documents automatically.

Try APEX Office Edit today with a FREE cloud subscription or an on-premises free trial. Both can be obtained by logging in with your United Codes account on apexofficeedit.com.


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