View User Activity with APEX Project Eye (APE) Session Flow

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The issue

Have you ever had those moments when an end-user calls you out of the blue with a disturbing message about your app?

It happened to me last week; an end-user called in a panic with the message, "all my inspections are gone!"

FYI: This Oracle APEX application manages all inspections a company is doing. Those inspections are grouped into different categories.

My thoughts

Records don't disappear automatically, so my mind immediately started to think about the potential reasons why this might have happened:

- Did we update the app with an invalid WHERE clause or a bad JOIN?

Did a user do a bulk delete action or delete a parent record that caused the child records to go?

- Did we have a DELETE process that didn't have a condition?

The investigation

On the call, I asked the user to tell me what he saw. It was weird indeed; the categories showed there were zero inspections.